Saturday, 5 March 2011


Got a wisdom tooth (bottom left) extracted a week ago and today I went to the dentist to remove the stitches. During my mini surgery, a little piece of my tooth was left inside. Until now, it is still inside. Dentist didn't manage to take it out as it was near the nerve area. I was alittle freaked out when he kept digging and digging inside when the tooth was already plucked out. Wondering to myself, "what is he still doing?" After the whole thing, he mentioned that "there were some complications but not a very big deal" Haha. Like seriously. I hope whatever he said is true.

The reason for a surgery is because the tooth is actually in the gums, not grown out yet. The procedures were to cut off the gums covering the tooth and dig enough space around for the pilers to grab hold of the sides and finally use force to pull it out. It was quite an experience. Of course, anesthetic was injection several times around that area before this.

So, it was weird. Could not open my mouth wide because if I did that, i would be stretching the thread and gums. Dentist told me to be careful of the things I eat 'cause the food might fall into the hole the teeth was plucked out from, which if anything food gets trapped/ kept there for too long, it will might be dangerous. He also said it takes three months for that area to be completely healed. Three months is a long time.

Just feeling more conscious of my mouth area when I speak nowadays, so i stopped speaking quite a bit. I started chewing on my right side only now. Should i put on my retainers at the lower teeth now that it is much better? I don't know and i pray for that raw area to be healed asap.


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