Monday, 22 April 2013

Starry Starry Night ♥

Have you checked out the latest collection? Dazzling dresses for parties! Click to link straight to webstore.
Pick of the whole collection : Edith Styled Dress $33.00

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Empiricists • "HEARING" • Interview with Asyiha Ams

Whooo Look what i found!


Our beloved model, Asyiha being interviewed back in 2012. Hehehe And i didn't know my pictures are inside the Youtube video. *Faints* BUT we are glad to be mentioned as the people who spotted you and asked you to model with us first. THANK YOU Asyiha!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Happy Wednesday Girls! New Arrivals is now available at our webstore :
Been very busy and I still managed to rush one collection out for you! :)
Do email if you have any questions about how to match your apparels, shipping cost, models sizing. I will reply as soon as I can.

This collection features many spring/summer pieces, think Prints, Crops, Shorts and Details!
We've got you the COLD SHOULDER Top (cross printed) again, costing SGD22 only. Made of cotton and it gives an edgy to your summer look, if you're not the bright sunshine kinda girl. Stay cool and light in our other spaghetti tops and neon pink shorts too!

Our highly recommended piece would be the Denim Crochet Shorts, adding a alittle femininity to the rugged denim shorts, five pocket styling and easy to match with any tops you've got. :)

We also have the Summer dresses which will be perfect for the weekend dates!
See Below for pictures.


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

INDISPENSABLE - Spring Collection

We call the latest arrivals of spring - Indispensable cus' they bring you the finest little black dress, which comes in white too in excellent quality. Absolutely stunning and stylish. These basics goes best with accessories and are classic pieces that can brings you from summer to winter. Expect yourself to feel comfortable and look good in these basic apparels!

The fashion must haves - we've got it for you, basic dresses for any party you have coming up or cold shoulder tops to match your bandage skirts/ jeggings! :D

 (click on image to go straight to items)
 TOP: BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND. the cold shoulder top comes in BLACK / GREY.
Such SKIRTS are highly versatile - suitable for every occasion. Flowy with cascading hem, elongating your legs.

PASTELS are also spring's trendiest colors, always giving off a soft and charming vibe to your entire outfit. We have pastel dresses & tops! Check them out at

Here's an overview of Justamaze's Spring Collections > {LOTS OF LOVE}, {PASTEL}, {INDISPENSABLE}

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