Friday, 12 October 2012

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


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Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Happy midweek to everyone. Wednesdays are neither here nor there, but always a joy knowing that the first two days of the weeks are over. I suddenly got reminded of Rebecca Black. *rolls eyes* lol.
Been surfing the internet and looking through the upcoming hairstyles and make-up for fall, and the world wide web is always more up on trend compared to the magazines you find on da shelf at the convenience stores, so why not?

check it out. 
Precise Pony Tails- neat, tie them high or low. Keep it neat. Make it sleek. All for Fall.
( low volume / braids/ twist to the back ) The twist your side hair to the back is still in trend this Fall!

Below : Fall's Low Volume Hair. Cut it, thin it. The low volume hair is to keep it minimal and keep the focus on your facial features and accessories. Draw the eyeliner (i will touch on that later)
Below : Bouffants? Looks complicated. Looks like a fake bob with high hair. This has to be done with hair spray. Make it puffy at the sides, the higher the top of the high is, the better. For causal days, you can just fake a bob with your long tresses. Youtube how to do?
Read more about Bouffants (here)
(pony tail/ nails for fall (dark hues, blue) / classic basic black-and-white nails)
as your wardrobe changes into the fall season, with strong bold, muted colors, its time to also get your nails painted with the latest fall colors. Look at the metallic silver and the pale shade of ladylike lavender in the middle. so so subtle and beautiful.
 Eyeliners and a little eyeshadow, experiment with them and have fun.

I am always looking for a natural and clean yet elegant look, so this is pretty and ideal.
The Look: At Michael Kors, a soft pink flush bloomed both on the runway and off. (link)
"Concentrate a pink shade on just the apples for a youthful glow."
(At Michael Kors Fall 2012)

Hope this has been helpful. Will update more about Fall when I find out more. :D