Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Newly launched on Wednesday 21.11.12

{wild child look book}

well hello, this is Desiree reporting live from the official justamaze blog. i was recently tasked to do some outfit ideas for the latest collection {wild child} featuring knits, camo, cropped tops and denims. basically this season's favorites. so here goes. i hope my mini put together will inspire you further.

#1. all knitted up. stay cosy and cuddled up in this cold cold season. oversized sweater or not it don't matter. real question is, to tuck in or out. i'm recently quite fond and inspired by alexa chung, so i'd say tuck it out. be comfortable. show those legs.
all knitted up
#2. you, me, picnic? is all about summer loving in denims. i know theres denims x denims x denims. but pretty sure everyone including myself has pulled that look. but don't forget my dears, flora and crochets goes very well with denims too. so remember the last last last purchase you made, that flora and knitted top, take it out again and have fun with it. also, who doesn't love details! spice the outfit's detail up a little by adding a collar tip ;-)
you, me, picnic?
#3. bear grunges. not grudges. toughen up a little this season with camo prints and studs. "we only grow when we conquer" (i just made that up, so quote me) be it internships or upcoming exams! or even O levels!!! hello you free people. be proud that you've toughen up and made it.
bear grunges
#4. cropped top...high waist shorts...and well if you aren't bored enough. i am. try a waterfall skirt or a palazzo pants (i'm wearing it as we speak, i mean as i edit)  cropped tops to visually size down your upper, and waterfall skirt/ palazzo pants to visually elongates the body. congrats, you're now top model worthy with these two wardrobe staple pieces
#5. one little two little three little.......tribal prints! and dreamcatchers, gives that very, um bohemian live free die young kinda smoke all weed drink all shots aura to me. to all y'all #YOLO fans out there. this is one tribal shorts that would represent you best. i think.
so how do you find this first collection of outfit ideas? love it hate it? let us know so we can improve! i'm done rambling. till the next collection, i'll write. have a great day :-)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wild Child Photoshoot

Selling these spiked furry caps at sgd30
Basic knitted dresses which are a great to match with outerwears!
 MILITARY VEST! LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Made of excellent material.

Thursday, 1 November 2012


 Love this shooting stars top, quirky and comes with an edgy rugged denim collar.
Best combination: Match shooting stars top with any dark colored, black/maroon bottoms.
 THE RED BLAZER ! :) Brightens up your whole look instantly (Click on pictures to link to website)
 Sleek Back Tetris Top