Monday, 14 April 2014


Thank you for shopping at Justamaze if you do. Extremely grateful and always surprised whenever we get a customer's testimonial. If you haven't realised, the new Justamaze's website makes viewing all our apparels easier and more efficient for us to process orders.

Think white, versatility, classic pieces. 
There's a fashion quote I came across: "Clothing is the first step to building a character."
We hope to portray a lifestyle of a young lady going minimal yet sophisticated in smart casual style.
Here's a little lookbook on the latest collection of the month of April.

For the pretty cool round shades, we have them displayed at SCAPE Timberack Store #02-17b/c pricing at $15.90. Do support.

On a personal note, as a owner of an online store, I'm currently attending school at a fashion academy for this period to better myself and learn the inside out of fashion before advising to anyone. Thus, explains the long silence on launches and this blog.

From the newborn of Justamaze, the setup of this online shop (never liked people mentioning us as a blogshop because we are not based on a blog) was an impromptu affair with two individuals wanting to try out the online space. Time passed by and we continued it for two years... with some collections... and as we went along, we're nearing four years. Hence, I will def improve once I've sorted out the style I want to manufacture and bring to the market. If you have any contributions /suggestions of what brands you like (but too costly in retail space) or styles you wish to see on Justamaze in future, do comment below or email us at

I would really really love to hear from you! 

Elizabeth Tan
Owner of