Monday, 25 April 2011

Adopting looks

As written in my previous entry about my september trip to NZ, here are some looks that I might be adopting. Although september is so many months away, I just wanna be prepared & look good + i love dressing up. Haha. For those who are overseas under colder weather conditions, hope this can inspire you too. Just sharing the styles i love & the looks that inspire me :)

BOW + Animal Print

Knee High Socks

Knitted Pullover

Play of colors + Suspenders (My current favourite thing)

A must: Trenchcoat

Cowboy style: Neck Scarf + Cute Printed Shirt + Suspenders + Denim
credits to

Perhaps I can take pictures of what I wear everyday for the 18 days trip.
If its up to standard, would post it up on :)

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