Sunday, 17 April 2011

My September

This September is gonna be so different. Why? I'll be heading to New Zealand for 18 days. So freaking long and I wasn't too excited about it because of work + I'm gonna need someone to take over the customer orders and stuffs. TROUBLESOME. I rather do them myself. However, just few hours ago, I headed over to f's place for a discussion about the NZ itinerary and began to feel excited. Here's why....

List of stuffs to do:
Quad Biking
Horse Riding
Water Rafting
Scenic Helicopter Flights (I've never been on one!)
Farm Stay for few days
Milking cows
Hot Springs
Feeding the cattle
Fox Glacier trekking (might)
 Rent a car (already)
Driving in NZ at 150km/h or faster
ROAD TRIPS AROUND NZ how cool is that
(I know i'm cool)
just kidding.
no I'm not kidding.
I need to save money.

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