Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New Website Design Under Construction

As usual, I have been so busy with my day job but i really really want to change our website! Hello people, I also know that it is very hard to scroll JUSTAMAZE'S Website. Help me find the time. Haha.

So skiving at work actually gave me a little time to draw out the skeleton of the new website! YAY
Things customers can look forward to:

1. Don't need to scroll so much, maybe don't even need to scroll(depends)
2. Add to cart/viewcart/checkout system.
3. Log in Accounts (You don't have to type in particulars everytime you order)
4. More accurate & precise ordering instructions
5. Customers can pay via paypal OR old fashion way : interbank/atm
6. International Orders! (because so many of you wanted to buy but we only ship locally now)
7. LASTLY, an awesome website created!


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