Monday, 13 June 2011

There are some people who just doesn't fit in. They do things to make us feel so awkward to be around them. Even when we try so hard to allow them into our circle or when we compromise a little, still hopeless. Sad right.

People with Low EQ
-Is rigid, inflexible; needs rules and structure to feel secure.
-Is insecure and defensive and finds it hard to admit mistakes, express remorse, or apologize sincerely. 
-Can't put together three word sentences starting with "I feel..." 
-Attacks, blames, commands, criticizes, interrupts, invalidates, lectures, advises and judges you & others
-Tries to analyze you, for example when you express your feelings.
-Often begins sentences with "I think you..."
-Sends "you messages" disgused as "I feel messages" For example, "I feel like you ...."
-Lays guilt trips on you.
-Is uncomfortable to be around
Overall, He/she is a poor listener. Interrupts. Invalidates. Misses the emotions being communicated. Focusses on "facts" rather than feelings.

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