Friday, 26 August 2011

I have decided to cut bangs.

Justamaze's gonna have a mega special promotion very soon.
Please join our mailing list & follow us on twitter to be the first to know!

FYI, I'll be away from 1st September - 18th September. 
BUT you still can purchase from Justamaze because we hired an assistant to mail out your items!

Emails/Invoices/Orders will be replied within 24 - 48hrs instead of the usual immediate reply.
Your items will be mailed out and received within 5 working days (usually 2-3 working days) 
from date of payment verification.
 Thanks for you patience in advance and do wait till 48hrs before emailing us again/spamming us.
48hrs is worst case scenerio if I really cannot get wifi. lol. 
you know what its like in the farms with the cows and stuffs.


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