Thursday, 27 October 2011

Breakfast at swensens

Swensens Classic Butter Milk Pancakes
Deepavali was definitely a relaxing day. Waking up as early as 8am for Swensens Breakfast @ Changi Airport, Starbucks, caught IN TIME at The Cathay. The movie made me miss my bob hair I had during my poly days.

In time was all about the world having time as a currency. How do the "timedollars" work? Well, everybody has a kind of electronic digital watch ingrain into their arms and it starts counting down at the age of 25. (A newborn baby's time would not tick yet) Once time runs out, their bodies simply self-destruct and die. The thing about this movie is that people can work to buy, beg or rob extra time units to live on. Hence, the more time you can get, you live longer. You can be mortal if you are "rich" enough. Nobody ever grows physically older than 25, so even if you have lived for more than a decade, you will still look the same, young.

Whats cool is a cup of coffee might set you back a few days, but the price of coffee goes up all the time. The rich has so much time in their hands, they will therefore not risk their lives and do anything foolish because getting injured/shot will cause your time to run faster. Not do anything foolish includes swimming or any activity that involves high risk of getting killed. That's crazy!

If I could buy time, it would be helpful but wouldn't this system be more tormenting for designers?
Work and earn time to meet deadlines and get paid in time again to meet more tight deadlines. :(
Designers are always deprived of sleep time, can we work for more sleeptime? I reckon that would be a better deal.

If time were the currency, life would be tougher because it is always ticking...
Time or money?

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