Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Year in Retrospect

Hello december 28,
time to reflect on the year, have I worked hard and smart enough?

 Its nearing the end of the year, and suddenly I feel awkwardly aware and reminded of the need to reflect, probably a sign of becoming older. Well, taking on a pessimistic realistic approach, I can conclude that this current year have been ardous and unstable with so many unfortunate happenings in the world. (tsunamis and earthquakes)

On the brighter note, having travelled to NZ this year was truly an amazing and memorable experience! Talking about it makes me tingle. Being there when the Rugby World Cup was on, watching the Haka on the tele, seeing the pubs filled with kiwi supporters and cheers.
The Kiwi spirit was one united team and country.

In New Zealand, I had many first times, practically the whole trip was a first time. Driving for hours on a one way lane, Touching snow, Borrowing equipments from rentals, getting the perfect skiis, Skiiing - I really really loved skii-ing although it was freaking cold. Paragliding, Living in a farm, Getting up close with the sheeps, cows, calfs, lambs, Stepping on cowdung while hiking to the limestones, Diving into caves, Witnessing the creepy crawlies that lived in the caves(that was gross, talking about it makes me itch), Nighttrip to see the glow worms, Buying takeaways from a caravan, walking the weekend markets and going into HOT POOLS in the cold. Lastly, drinking alot of wine and baileys to keep warm and I drank too much until standing outside 5degrees was too warm for me. Found it difficult to sleep that one night.

Every scenery of New Zealand is amazingly beautiful, so much nature. Every picture could be a wallpaper on my desktop. At queenstown, we took a helicopter to the top of The Remarkables!

Overall, it has been a tiring year and I'm just glad its gonna be over. Looking forward to 1st January - will be like a new diary/planner you bought from kikki.K, where you excitingly decorate it and fill it up with birthdays and holiday dates. Just happy things.
 Look forward for better things to come. Happy New Year to all.

reflection aside, here is what's stirring...

I’m not afraid of walking down the street in something that people think is crazy.
What I can’t stand is looking like everybody else." � Mary-Kate Olsen

Style icons Mary Kate and Ashley- truly a pair with amazing style. At first, they were seen as weird by the paparazzi, looking hagged in overly matured dressing as they described them. But, they were actually feeling comfortable and being stylish in their own way. Right now, i'm truly impressed by their versatility, they are different in every outfit pulled off. They dress up in layers and put together street, hippie, urban, chic, expensive and cool all at the same time!
You can check this tumblr out.

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