Sunday, 29 January 2012

January to February

I hope you girls like the SUMMER COLLECTION.

Just a little personal
The 15days of Lunar New Year is not over yet and i'm still left with one more place to visit. Looking forward to catching up with my girlfriends with pokercards, driving & screaming, food and laughter.

Highlight of February: I'll be heading to Korea starting of feb and it's winter there so it's gonna be COLD. Thinking about it makes me freeze in my brain. I love the snow+cold BUT the layers of clothing I have to put on is really troublesome. On the contrary, IT IS FUN TO DRESS UP. I'll probably look so fat and clumsy if it gets too cold. At first, I thought i'll just blog about a little about my upcoming getaway to Seoul but i started googling on Korea Winter Pictures & stuff I can add to the itinerary.

OMGOSH So exciting snow activities!!! I've been to Lotte World & Korean Folk Village before.
This time i'll be adding Everland too! Theme parks in winter will be my very first time :)

This is Everland in Winter. Sledding.

Is it possible to snow like that when i am there? It will be too cold to take any pictures. Hahaha.
The picture below is Lotte World Outdoor.

After reading this, I am prepared to bring my Victoria Secret Moisterizer & 
HadaLado Hydrating Lotion everywhere i go.

So excited!! Ok Goodnight.

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