Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Spring/Summer 2012

Here's a little insight on the upcoming trends. Hope this will inspire you and help you in your shopping choices. Laidback, easygoing, colorful and stylish is summer. I love summer because it all about how you mix and match- put on your body and make it your little own masterpiece. Have fun, no sweat.

1 Colors & Prints are back!
2 Dresses & Skirts are still essentials/staples for ladies.
3 Maxi Skirts / Dresses are a must to have - one or two in your wardrobe!
4 Higher waistline ; sexy & comfy
5 Cropped Tops/ Bralets

NOTE: Exercise, work out hard esp the abs to look fabulous in cropped tops!! :D

Chic look with, subtle printed short dresses
2staples for everyday wear (styles to inspire you for school/work)

3maxi skirts/dresses - resort look

4highwaisted + 5crop tops, babydoll silhouettes
if you're looking for a more conservative look yet you love the crop/bralets so much, you can still team it with a long blazer/ cardigan over your crop top! It creates a peekaboo, which is actually more endearing and really cute!

all images are googled.

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