Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Visit to Titantic

Some instagram pictures of mine today :)
Woke up really early to send my mum to the airport to China & had breakfast.
An early morning like that was a rare occasion for me.
 Crispy Chicken Breakfast Deluxe™ Meal. Had sucha heavy breakfast so i could skip lunch!
Visiting the Titantic was really a long awaiting plan, which got postponed again and again due to my busy work schedule.
So glad to finally make it today. The only thing was the walk to Art Science Museum was quite torturous under the scorching sun! Bet it was 38degrees or something because it really felt that way.
We were perspiring by the time we arrived.
Here's my card, the passenger on board the RMS Titantic.
I am Miss Marie Grice Young, staying in the 1st class, Cabin C-32.
Will u survive?!
Well, no photography was allowed inside and I respect that.
It was quite nerve wrecking(exaggerating abit) finding my name on the survivor list.
The fonts were so small and they were not in alphabetical order,so we had to manually look
for our names in the whole chunk! Seriously the whole chunk. Well, I found my name!
Last one of the whole list of survivors. Felt cheated because I was scanning really thoroughly from the TOP but elated at the same time.

Well, Jac was more pessimistic so he looked at the LOST list first, being male so he thought he would probably die - "women and children first!" But I helped him with his name and he survived too!

In the end, WE SURVIVED.
This is the last week, last day 29Apr, Sunday.

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