Monday, 28 May 2012

Past & Present

Hello all,
We've a created a proper logo for Justamaze finally.
This post will be explaining our online store and how we came up with the name JUSTAMAZE. Its a long explanation so i'll try. hahahahahaha

Why Justamaze?
 It was originally three words, JUST A MAZE with tagline: Finding Your Style
We combined the three words together to form the url.
Our Aim/Objective
We hope to inspire our customers
in discovering their individual style from our online store.
Like finding their way out of a maze, in the midst of umpteen fashion styles!

"With our unique, tasteful and a wide variety of apparels we have to offer,
you can be sure to find something you like and fit!"

Motto/ Inspiration
Have you heard of the story "Who Moved My Cheese?"
To be adaptable, to move and always be on the lookout for new and fresh ideas.
To be different. To stay stylish and in trend all the time :)

Our inspiration came from this video (See below)

This vid is about 2 mice who lived in a maze.
That explains the MICE as our mascot/logo.


One more collection before an exciting event coming up in JUNE!
(sneaks will be up on our twitter & instagram: @justamaze)


“One is never over- or underdressed with a little black dress.”
—Karl Lagerfeld
ABOVE: FEATURING Alyssa Glitter Bodycon Dress $27

Have a Great Week Ahead! :)

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