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Roberto Cavalli 2013

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Recently, i read on Style Magazine June Issue, under the editor's note section, 
"Editing will become the most important skill of our time" (re-quoted or inspired from Graham Hill) In other words, cutting out excess or added elements & keeping only the absolute vital, allowing more freedom & space.

I thought it was brilliant that the Style Mag's editor could use an example like this to link to fashion. Its a true and wise philosophy to keep. Perhaps, one can use this philosophy to apply to different areas of our lives, be in fashion, how we use our time, choices we take affecting anything and everything. Given the mass social media we're exposed to all these years, with more connectivity and communications to come, we need to learn to subtract and ignore non-related things, remove hindrances and take only what is beneficial.

In the fashion sense, there are heaps and heaps of clothing offered to us everywhere, all over the world, on the internet, endless. Edit your fashion influences and be inspired by their styles. Fashion is one way of self expression. Edit your wardrobe and you should dress up everyday. You have to like it because it's fun and you deserve to look your best in any situation. You'll never know who you will run into! Because life’s too short to blend in. Don’t settle for average.

Different people have different goals, interest and beliefs. We have these list in our brains, hearts or a paper somewhere. Isn't interesting that we should edit what comes into our lives?


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