Tuesday, 7 August 2012


 OOTD / Gardens by the Bay!
 BELOW: An eyesore plant that grew in an untidy manner. The plant grows this way naturally hahaha. damn weird.
The leaves are so thick because water is stored in there.
 My sisters and I wearing floral themed (deliberately).
Walking out of Flower Dome (Cold & Dry) !
We were wowed by the wide variety of amazing plants in the Flower Dome through a cool-dry Mediterranean climate. They have got plants never seen before from different parts of the world: Europe, Australia, Chile, South Africa and USA..

MOST INTERESTING PART? THE CACTUS AREA. I really loved the funny looking cactuses, fat looking leaf and weird rotting/ mouldy cactuses!

BELOW: At Cloud Forest, Cool & Wet!
(I was feeling the splatters from the man-made waterfall)
 UNGLAM: IT was cold. hahahaha

 DINNER AT MOF. JAPANESE FOOD always my favourite!

I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN HOW BUSY I AM. But the busier i am, the better! :) :) The amount of mails are already killing J & i + photoshoots, editing, updating and coordinating the models. I feel so guilty not sending the photographs to the models too. With my birthday celebration last week with everyone (different clique) on different days was really taking a toil on me but, i am not complaining! Love the partying, all the food, alcohol, screaming, jokes, presents!! I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. ❤ 

Anyway hope you enjoyed this post of pictures + a glimpse into my life! 

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