Sunday, 16 June 2013


Last week, we decided to do a little video shoot feat. 2 online stores > JUSTAMAZE.COM and WEHEARTBUDGET.COM.(coming soon)
ALL APPARELS can be found at the two online stores! :)  Below were some still shots of the videos.
Asy and Eme were really cooperative and such sweethearts to endure the bright LED lights that were facing directly on their faces because i wanted the harsh lighting effect. It was my first time taking a video so it was new and definitely challenging to find the correct angles and shoot fast so the models wouldn't get too tired.. so stay tune to the final product which i am going to start editing today.

During the shoot.....
Hope you enjoyed some of these BTS pictures.
You may email to enquire about the pieces :) Thank you. xx

Sign off,
Elizabeth Tan

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  1. Both gorgeous girls!
    Fashion Ganache.