Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Goofy Dreams.

Anyhow, I was at coffeebean at 2am & sketched out this.

A little background: This drawing is a portrayal of some of the disturbing dreams I used to have. As i grew older including presently, the dreams stopped. Anyway, I always dreamt of falling down when i was young. Falling down the stairs, falling into the drain, falling into the huge canal..

As i got older, i started to see alphabets accumulating at one corner of this huge black mess. Suddenly, these alphabets would come dashing towards my eyes or face, i don't know. Honestly, it was really frightening. At times, these alphabets would just finish and shapes will come crashing on my face. Hence, you see them in the pictures............

You don't have to like my drawing. Just goofing around. What are your dreams at night?

There was just this one time, IT WAS A HAPPY DREAM. Haha :D
I was flying with a cupid. The sky was blue as can be, and all i know was i felt a sense of peace, Never felt before... then my mum shouted at me to wake up. Maybe i should draw that soon.

Still thinking what colors I should use.

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