Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Metallic Trend.

Get smart shopping. Strut the streets in the hottest and latest metallic pieces because i think they're absolutely perfect for many occasions, be it night hangouts with friends or formal dates. They serve up as the perfect blend of luxe glamour and poise.

From sequin dresses/tanks to gold and silver separates (tops & bottoms!), any clothing with sheen are assured to be this spring 2012 staple. Let it shine! Here are some pieces which you have get from JUSTAMAZE which are very wearable and versatile. (click on images below to buy apparels)

Metallics in spring will give everyday outfits a rather futuristic feel. Add in a little glitz to your wardrobe and outfits. If ever you have difficulty matching with shimmering/shiny tops or bottoms, always pair them with neutrals. Here are some examples...

Here's a simple tank dress, suitable for school or casual weekends. Keep accessories to the minimum for a visual punch. Match with any footwear, depending on the occasion.
Textured Gold Tank Dress SGD29
Textured Granite Tank Dress SGD29
Lurex Panel Bodycon (Gold) $29: http://www.justamaze.com/shop.html#1


This glittery trend is really fun, a truly a safe investment.
You will always need glitter in your wardrobe!

Infact, "metallics seem to be a constant every season whether it is silver, gold, pewter, copper or bronze; the range of metallics seems to maintain a status in the fashion world among accessories and clothing."


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